What does a covered lagoon digester do?

  • A Digester converts BOD to biogas
  • Biogas is Methane (natural gas)
  • Methane is cleaned and compressed and returned to an RNG form before it is sold
  • OR Burned to make electricity and heat to offset purchased electric and propane

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  • Each dairy operation is a product of its own environment.

  • For those reasons we still offer if the environmental scope of your project is conducive with… Covered Lagoon Digester.

  • We can also handle your RNG Upgrading needs

Worried about risks?

Martin Construction Resource and Martin Energy Group are your Covered Lagoon partners

  • 45+ years of digesters and power generation

  • 30+ years of Covered Lagoon Digesters

  • Over 100 digesters operational

Our Covered Lagoon Digesters

  • —Meet all CA, AU Standards

  • —Internet-based controls

  • —Include gas storage

  •     The highest gas output/$ CAPX

A Turn-Key Process

  • Engineering

  • Design

  • Construction

  • Manufacturing

Designed and Built for Your Farm

  • Flares

  • Scrubbers

  • Pump houses

World-wide Installations

Biogas Boilers: Shown with Gas Skid, Chile